Why Tear Bomb Cause Lacrimation
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  • Jimmy at
  • August 23, 2017

Although tear gas has been exists for nearly a century, scientists still don't know much about the biochemical mechanisms of tear gas and, of course, do not have immediate treatment after contact with tear gas material.

Sven-Eric Jordt d Dr.of medicine in the gentle in Yale University, doing long-term research for tear gas materials, he found, teargas, tear material, teargas powder and teargas liquid for TRP ion channels on the surface of nerve (Transient Receptor Potential channels) is a stimulant (agonist), when the TRP ion channel to tear contact material, will lead to a series of physiological reaction, like pain, inflammation, swelling etc.. He published in 2008, found that genetically modified naturally does not have a TRPA1 (a member of the TRP family of ion channels in mice and protein) compared to normal mice, the tear material of the reaction is not so strong; in addition, the research team also successfully used two TRPA1 antagonists (antagonist) reduced lacrimator caused by the stimulus, that TRPA1 is one of the channel protein lacrimator.

But can TRPA1 antagonists be applied to anti tear gas? "It's hard to say, theoretically," Zod said in an interview with National Geographic." But he believes that the agent is risk using antagonist in contact with tear gas before, because the TRPA1 caused by physical discomfort, in order to let us know the danger from, and if you use the antagonist, is likely to expose yourself to a higher dose of stimulants, more likely to cause chemical burns.