The Composition of CS Gas Grenade
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  • August 22, 2017

In fact, the composition of tear gas is not all for tear. Its main components have three purposes: heating, scattering, and tearing. There are three oldest tear components: Xylyl bromide, Phenacyl chloride,also called CN and 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile,short named CS. Except for CS, Dibenzoxazepine also named CR was accidents were synthesized in 1962. However, unlike CS, CS is easy to remove with water, but CR can exacerbate the effects of water, which is a dangerous component.

In fact, tear gas is a solid powder at room temperature. In order to make cs powder to spread like gas, tear gas powder needs to be added other components, such as volatile methylene chloride, then let it diffuse in the air with CS. In addition, the high temperature gas also helps to spread, so tear gas will join other chemicals to produce high temperature, accelerate the diffusion of CS, which is why not picked by hand just landed the tear gas, is likely to be burned.

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We named tear gas with other components teargas liquid or liquid teargas. Dayu chemical devote to research cs powder and cs gas for many years and we are one of the best cs liquid solution manufacturer in China.