The Most Spicy Pepper Growed in China
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  • August 29, 2017

After effort nearly ten years, the hottest chilli has been developed from the varieties hot chili around the world.

It's hot degree is 8~10 times of ordinary xiaomila, is 2~3 times the devil pepper, people and animals can not be directly consumed. The farmers picking, to ensure that the hand not broken place, otherwise we should take necessary measures; pick pepper, try not to touch the pepper itself, should follow the "stem" picking fruit, because once the pepper juice drip loss, inside in the hand, "will have 4~6 hours of burning and burning very uncomfortable".

Capsaicin is mainly applicable to a variety of industrial needs. Capsaicin extraction can be added to the optical fiber cable and wire, let love bite like rats and other animal smell "spicy" pale;

Capsaicin can be made into pepper paint on the ship's berth, prevent and reduce parasitic attachment of marine organisms, the ship of the resistance, reduce the transportation cost of ocean shipping;

Capsaicin can be used as a "biological pesticide", which is harmful to most insect pests, such as aphids;
Pepper in the extraction of capsaicin at the same time, it will also extract red pigment, non-toxic, pollution-free, is the production of lipstick and clothing, dyeing agent is a good raw material;
Capsaicin is also the main ingredient in defensive weapons such as "anti wolf spray".

Dayu chemical produce oc powder, capsaicin and oleoresin capsicum with the best chili raw material for our customers.

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