Tear-Gas Explosion Deterrence Grenade
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  • Jimmy at
  • September 18, 2017

Type 2010 38mm explosion deterrence grenade can be fired from the 38mm anti-riot guns. It releases a strong sound and brilliant flash that can make people momentarily deafen or dizzy and feel fear. It has a deterrent effect. It’s mainly used for deter and disperse groups of rioter within a rang of 130m. It could also be used to drive away criminals hiding in cave, tunnel, bunker, jungle or building.

explosion deterrence grenade

W11 38mm electric ignition tear-gas grenade and W11A 38mm electric ignition tear-gas grenade is fired from the 38mm nine barrel vehicular anti-riot launcher. It is mainly used to deal with the illegal assembly insurgents within 12m. The stimulate smoke after the use of ammunition can disperse the rioting crowd of block insurgent actions. It can be also used to fixed-point shoot the ditch thugs and terrorists which from the semi-enclosed space target(such as: buildings, caves, tunnels, bunkers, etc.) in a certain distance, and use the stimulus after the effects of ammunition to strike and driving them. 

driving criminals