Capsicum-based Teargas for Crowd Control
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  • August 18, 2017

The new bio-friendly oleoresin capsicum-based teargas shells will be produced in collaboration with DRDO and the chilli will be sourced from northeast and Andhra Pradesh.


After trying out PAVA shells, security forces have now turned to capsicum gel-based teargas to quell mobs in the Kashmir valley and other places.


A senior BSF official said the new teargas will be ready for use by security forces in spray can and shell forms, as early as next month.


The non-lethal munition can be used by security forces at any location in the country where there is a law and order problem but the largest inventory of the product is expected to be shipped to the Valley owing to the number of public protests and incidents of stone pelting, the official said.


The shells will be produced by the Tekanpur (Madhya Pradesh)-based Tear Smoke Unit (TSU) of the Border Security Force.


Last year, the TSU had launched the PAVA teargas munitions which, the BSF said, was effectivelyused by various police and security forces.

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