Breaking News about Chemistry Materials
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  • August 25, 2017

The challenge is coming for all relevant enterprises in Zhejiang Province.

Now under the influence of the most strict new environment inspection, there are already 377 factories being shut down, 140 factories being moved out, 54 factories being signed the relocation agreement, 1631 factories’ electricity being shut off, and another 2577 factories will be shut down in next month.

The government had shut down 623 factories, moved out 265 factories, shut off electricity supply for 4263 factories, and all “three-no-enterprises” would be forced to close in October.

Under the influence, most of chemical raw materials factories shut down, but dayu chemical adopt the environment friendly technology and cs powder materials to supply the best teargas powder and teargas liquid to our customer. As the most reliable  cs powder supplier, dayu chemical produces the best tear gas powder for sale.