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Aminoguanidine Hemisulfate
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Aminoguanidine sulfate-dayuchemical
Aminoguanidine sulfate-dayuchemical

Aminoguanidine sulfate-dayuchemical

CAS :966-19-0
Molecular Formula :C2H14N8SO4
Properties :white or colorless crystals
Melting point (C) :200
Boiling point (C,760mmHg) :261.4 C
Flash :DHS 111.9 C
Solubility :soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol.
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Use:pharmaceutical, automobile industry, explosive
CAS: 966-19-0
Melting Point: 206 degrees
Structural Formula:



Production of Aminoguanidine sulfate

(1) By the action of hydrazine sulfate and lime nitrogen, and then neutralized with sulfuric acid into salt: first, the hydrazine sulfate is suspended in water, and lime nitrogen is gradually added under the cooling and stirring, the temperature is controlled at about 20℃, reaction for 8h, and then filtration, wash the filter cake with water, and drain; The filtrate and washing liquid were combined, neutralized with 50% sulfuric acid at room temperature until pH=5, filtered to remove calcium sulfate, and the mother liquid was condensed and cooled by decompressing, then white crystals were separated, washed and drained by ice water, and the yield was about 72%. 

(2) reaction of methyl isothiourea sulfate with hydrazine hydrate: dilute 119ml42% hydrazine hydrate solution with equal volume water, and then add it into 139g methylisothiourea sulfate 200ml solution at 10℃. The methyl mercaptan released by the reaction is absorbed into the sodium hydroxide solution. After the reaction solution was concentrated to 200ml, 95% ethanol of the same volume was added to precipitate aminoguanidine sulfate and filtrate the crystallization. Partial crystallization can also be obtained by concentration of mother liquor. The crystallization is dried in vacuum and the finished product is made. The yield of 90%.

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