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CS Liquid

CS liquid is another form of cs powder, which can be used as chemical raw materials for Tear sprayer and Tear spraying police cars.

Product Specification:
  • Product :

    CS liquid solution

  • Purity % (exclude solution) HPLC :


  • Insoluble in :


  • Soluble in :

    methylene chlonde

  • Appearance :

    light brown liquid with a peppery smell

  • :

CS Liquid is another form of cs powder, it is a liquid form of raw material for making teargas.

CS Liquid as Tear gas product is non-lethal irritants commonly used in self-defense and crowd control, anti-riot equipment also combat training equipment.

CS Liquid  3

- How to Use CS Liquid 

Water and tear gas solution are separated, when the water shall be sprayed,

tear gas solution shall be sprayed as regulated ratio, Water (100L): Tear gas solution (1L)

- How to Store the Tear Gas CS Liquid 
It shall be stored metal or plastic container as air tightened, and it shall be placed in the warehouse (without Snow, rain fire

and direct light), even though the gas is being release, there is no risk of explosion, it may store for 3 years for use.

- Effectiveness of CS Liquid 
It shall be sprayed to demonstrators or the group, and it causes pains on eyes, nose and skin for about 10 minutes, and then
it shall be recovered.

- Aim of Use for CS Liquid 

It’s for put down of demonstrator group, tear gas shall be used for broad range and it makes damages to the demonstrators
and common people by gas stimulation, but tear gas solution is effective to put down the demonstrators by apply to the

demonstrators who are in the limited space.

- Packing of CS Liquid 

CS Liquid  Solution  5L packing1SCS Liquid  Solution  5L packing3S

We can make CS Liquid in 5L per plastic bucket,

we can also use big iron drum for transportation as per customer requirement.

Clean CS Powder drumwe clean every packing for our customer.

Currently Dayu chemical has already exported to more than 30 countries all over the world and we have established long-term cooperative relationship with many military supplier. We strive to develop into a well-known modern enterprise group with international competitiveness and sustainable vitality. We regard “dedicating for safer world” as our tenet. 

we have best technical team and equipment for our CS Liquid.

CS Liquid technical teamCS Liquid technical team1CS Liquid technical team2 CS Liquid technical team4

For CS liquid, We hope to cooperate with more customers for mutual development and benefits.,

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