Tear Gas Called in for Bridgeport Stabbing
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  • June 02, 2020

Douglas County Deputies received a call of a stabbing victim at the Three Rivers Hospital in Brewster,” Gjesdal said. “They went to the scene and talked to an adult male who said he’d gotten into a fight with a person and the suspect had stabbed him.”


Deputies obtained a search warrant to enter the residence where the fight took place, to search for the suspect or evidence of the crime.


When deputies drove up to the house, the residents in question standing outside immediately ran inside the house and would not answer the door,” Gjesdal said. “Due to the history of the residence and the person we thought might be a suspect, we called out our tactical team to do the entry and go inside, we also had assistance from the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office and East Wenatchee Police as part of their tactical team.”


Before the search warrant was executed, three people exited the residence, Gjesdal said.


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A female and two males came out, they were not very cooperative letting our guys know if there was anyone else inside or not,” Gjesdal said. “We used a loud speaker to call inside the residence to get whoever was inside to come out, there was no response so the tactical team introduced tear gas into the residence.”


Deputies found no one inside the residence upon entering, the case is under investigation as deputies continue to follow up on possible leads.


The victim is listed in satisfactory condition at Brewster Hospital as law enforcement officials continue to investigate the assault and search for a suspect.