Steps about How to Make Pepper Spray
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  • Jimmy at
  • September 19, 2017

Pepper spray is made up of an active ingredient called OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) and other inert ingredients. They can be water or oil based. The best formula being oil based as oil based products do not have the problem of separation.

The actual term OC (oleoresin capsicum) refers to chili peppers, and is a horticultural term. Jalapenos, chiletpin, cayenne, and habaneros are all chili peppers. Although they look quite different, and can taste quite different, they all contain an alkaloid called capsaicin. Capsaicin is tasteless and odorless. It is so powerful that even when it is immersed in water, the heat from it can be detected. Studies show that humans can detect even one part per ten million of this powerful alkaloid. To make Pepper spray, we must extract the oleoresin capsicum from the peppers, the OC is water soluble and oil soluble, we can use both to extract it. This is how itís done.


1 1/2 Cup: Isopropyl Alcohol

1/2 Cup: Canola, Vegetable oil

1/4 cup: fine grain Iodized Salt

2 dozen fresh peppers or dried (chili peppers, chiletpin, cayenne, jalapeÒos, or habaneros) I suggest cayenne or habaneroís

Blend up whole pepper (or for a more potent batch use 4 dozen peppers and use only the veins and seeds of the peppers as they contain the most Capsaicin in the peppers, the veins are the lighter colored things running down the inside of the peppers). Combine alcohol, oil, and blended peppers in a bowl or container and let sit for a minimum of 16 hours stirring occasionally. During this time the oleoresin capsicum will saturate the oil and alcohol. Now take the mixture and filter out the pieces of the pepper through a fine metal or paper filter. Now heat solution on a very low heat (do not allow solution to become hotter than 60 degrees Celsius as too much heat will diminish the potency of the peppers) if you have time to spare just let the solution sit on a window sill in the sun until it thickens up slightly. What you are looking for is a consistency that is able to be sprayed from a spray bottle but is as concentrated as possible. If consistency becomes too thick just add more alcohol.Mix in salt and put in a spray bottle. The mixture is ready for use.