Learning How to Make Tear Gas
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  • September 21, 2017
Tear Gas, also known as Capstun ‘capsaicin’ is the active oil in red peppers. If you don’t think something derived from a pepper can be as good as CN or CS tear gas, think again. Even if a person is maced, he can still function if he is motivated enough. Capstun is an irritant that will cause nasal passages to causing the person to breather through their mouth, in turn forcing them to inhale the capstun which causes an immediate reaction…choking. Capstun will effect the eyes with extreme irritation and .tearing. In addition to irritating skin, basically your skin feels like its on fire. Capstun isn’t ‘lethal’ by normal standards, and its affects are not permanent.

How to make Tear Gas at Home

Is it quick and very simple to make. While tear gas is easy to make at home, it could still be very dangerous when you’re heating up the ethyl alcohol – which is flammable.

Homemade Tear Gas Instructions

First you’ll need 1lb of dried green/red peppers. The hotter the better. Chop them up in a blender and put them into a large jug.
Add denatured ethyl alcohol to the peppers until they are covered by an inch or two of alcohol. Put the jug into a pot of water on an electric burner and bring the alcohol almost to a simmer.
Be very careful as the alcohol fumes and can ignite. Don’t use a flame to heat the water. Let the alcohol cool a bit then filter it off. Repeat this step three times.
Throw out the peppers and put all the alcohol into a large mouthed jar (Mason Jar).
Take the water pot and heater outside and heat up the alcohol (for safety).
Evaporate the alcohol down to about 100 mls.
Filter off the alcohol grain and let it evaporate to leave a thick reddish oil. If you are feeling ballsy, take a very small amount of the oil and give it a taste. Have plenty of milk on hand.
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How to make a Tear Gas Container

Its not hard making a container for this type of tear gas. You can use a cologne/perfume bottle (small glass vile), as long as it has been cleaned out of any chemicals that make cause an unwanted reaction.

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