Decontamination of Oleoresin Capsicum
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  • Jimmy at
  • September 19, 2017

Treatment and decontamination Of oleoresin capsicum procedures:

Move to uncontaminated air.

Flush face with cool water; if burning persists, use icepack.

Do not rub area.

Remove contacts, if applicable.

Decon required areas with soap and water.

OC effects usually last approximately 15 to 45 minutes. If symptoms have not abated within 45 minutes, seek medical attention.

Limits of OC include:

Alcohol-based sprays must not be used around flames/sparks.

Effective range of OC is 4 to 6 feet (maximum range is approximately 25 feet).

Personnel should not spray an individual closer than 2 feet from themselves to prevent being affected.

Rain and wind decrease effectiveness.

Eyeglasses/sunglasses may deflect agent (shift aim to nose/mouth).

Perspiration may cause longer agent effects.

OC may have detrimental effects on people with pre-existing respiratory problems.

As with any RCA, personnel must be properly trained on OC's capabilities/employment, limitations, and applicable rules of engagement/ARs prior to use.