Dayu Chemical Supply Bulk CS Powder
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  • June 02, 2020

Dayu chemical is the best chemistry materials supplier in China. Dayu chemical located in Xi’an Shaanxi province. The main product is CS products series like cs powder and cs liquid solution. We are the largest cs powder supply chain and we produce cs powder for sale.

Cold spray (CS) supersonically acceleration is a manufacturing technique that has become an increasingly popular method used in the additive manufacturing of metals. Within the CS equipment, powder is rapidly pushed through a supersonic gas jet before it impacts the substrate material.

Upon collision of the particles and the substrate, a significant amount of plastic deformation occurs, which is a process that describes the effect temperature has on material properties, that also allows the particles to localize onto the interface of the material. Primarily used as a coating technique to deposit pure metals, such as copper and aluminum, the CS method is a “cold deposition” technique that significantly reduces the amount of thermally induced stresses added to the substrate material.

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