Dayu Chemical Open Up the European Market
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  • September 20, 2017

This is the first time for us to export the PAVA to Europe, we believe it will be a good start to develop the European market. Our customer purchase oc powder for sale, they gave us an order of  oc powder bulk, and they reproduced oc powder drug.

capsaicin medicine

As we introduced before, oc powder is chemical material that extract directly from hot chili, it has many usages in the following areas:

1.Food additives
Because capsaicin touches the human body with a burning sensation, it is often used as a source of fragrance or burning sensation (pungent sensation) in the ingredients. The measurement of the degree of sense of hot food by Scoville index determination. Because of the low concentration of capsaicin in the chilli, it has become a source of typical capsaicin in safe consideration.
Reduce the mouth throat burning is the best way to take cold or cold, like ice cream, yogurt or milk; or can be added if juice, sugar or sweets, candy. Because pure capsaicin is insoluble in water but soluble in grease and pure alcohol, so the common suggestion is to eat oily food, like bread and butter, whole milk or cream foam to reduce the hot feeling (assuming oil food can take capsaicin). But the effectiveness of these techniques is still suspect, because even without any treatment, the burning sensation will slowly fade away.
2.Medical Treatment
OC powder is a kind of medical treat instrument.It can relieve inflammation, relieve pain, cure muscle ache and so on.
3.Non-Lethal Weapons
Capsaicin is also used in pepper spray for riot gear, which can cause pain to the demonstrators when they spray parts of the body, especially the eyes and mucous membranes.
A large amount of capsaicin can be a deadly poison. After the body absorbs excessive capsaicin, it can cause dyspnea, blue skin and convulsions.

oc powder

Dayu chemical look forward to cooperating with industry elites from all over the world and welcome your inquiry for all kinds of chemical materials like CS powder, CS liquid solution, OC, PAVA, CN powder, CR powder and raw material of pyrotechnic such as Magnesium Powder, Aluminum Powder etc.