CS Powder and CS Liquid Manufacturer
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  • June 02, 2020

Ortho-chlorophenylmethylene propylenitrile often named CS or CS gas, is a kind of chemical raw materials for making cs gas grenade, cs gas gun, cs gas bomb and cs gas spray, etc.

CS Liquid Solution Manufacturer           cs powder supplier

CS has two forms: cs gas powder and cs liquid solution. People often choose different cs gas form according to their different applications.

Dayu chemical is a comprehensive cs powder supplier and cs liquid solution manufacturer in China, we are one of the factories approved to produce dangerous chemical raw materials and allowed to export.

People always talk about cs gas vs tear gas, here need to emphasize that cs gas and tear gas are the same material called two names, dayu chemical produces many kinds of dangerous chemical raw materials like cs gas grenade for sale and cs gas tablets for sale.

We have bulk cs powder in stock all year, welcome your inquiry for details.