Bulk CS Powder Support by Dayu Chemical
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  • August 16, 2017

Dayu chemical is a comprehensive chemical raw materials manufacturer in China, we are one of the best CS powder suppliers in China.

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The main product is CS powder, CS powder is the short form for Ortho-chlorophenylmethylene propylenitrile, dayu chemical is a CS powder supply factory with many year experience. We are the best CS powder supplies adopted the advanced technology to produce high purity cs powder for sale.

Dayu Chemical is a comprehensive chemical company integrating scientific research, manufacture and international trade of the chemical raw materials of the less lethal technology and ammunition. We can supply more than 30 kinds of chemical raw materials including CS powder, CS liquid solution, OC, PAVA, CN powder, CR powder and raw material of pyrotechnic such as Magnesium Powder, Aluminum Powder etc. The annual production capability of CS powder is 400 ton/ year.