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Capsaicin Application

Capsaicin is mainly used for food, medicine, cosmetics etc.

Product Specification:
  • Name :

    Oleoresin Capsicum

  • Other name :

    Capsicin; Capsicine; CPS

  • CAS :


  • Chemical formula :


  • Appearance :

    yellow powder

Capsaicin has many complex physiological and pharmacological activity, with containing P sensory nerve system, cardiovascular, pulmonary function, gastrointestinal function, regulation of body temperature has significant effect, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic, promote fat metabolism, tear and so on, one of the function is the unique long-acting analgesic effect.

1.Food Industry

Capsaicin and capsicum alkali hydrogen two are mainly caused by chemical substances spicy pepper, low concentration of product form such as capsaicin, capsaicin as food additives are widely used in food industry.


2.Phamaceutical Value

Treatment of pain: clinical application in the treatment of the main base of capsaicin and relieve intractable pain and itching and other symptoms.

Anti inflammatory effect: the treatment of experimental allergic rhinitis by capsaicin, the histopathological examination showed that after capsaicin treatment, inflammatory cells decreased, normal mucosa structure.

Antibacterial effect: the study shows that capsaicin can inhibit the main bacteria and fungi in food. Capsaicin ranges were stable in different pH, can well play an inhibitory role in the neutral condition; inhibitory effect at high temperature is more stable.

capsaicin medicine


Capsaicin can be used as the main raw material of tear gas, tear guns and defensive weapons.

tear gas liquid solution

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